From Business Ideas to CRM software, we help you start, run & grow your business from scratch.

How does StaffDox help
you start & grow your business?

Our products and services are designed to help founders every step of the way, from the beginning:

  • CRM Platform: The StaffDox CRM is the software helping you convert more leads into customers, and also put your sales pipeline & workflows on auto-pilot using sales automation.
  • Business Ideas Factory: We have an up-to-date list of ideas, generated based on latest market trends and industry analysis.
  • Company Insights: We help you by giving insights, not just raw info, about your target client companies and their staff. It acts as a smart advisor, telling who you should contact in an organization, and how you should do it.

How is StaffDox Company Insights different from websites like Linkedin?

  • StaffDox gives insights, LinkedIn doesn’t, just pieces of data that may or may not be valid or up-to-date
  • StaffDox finds what you want, LinkedIn gives you what the target company decides to put there
  • StaffDox gives it to you anyway, but LinkedIn doesn’t guarantee that you find what you’re looking for
  • With free LinkedIn account, most of info is not accessible and you have limit in number of profiles you can view
  • Even when you buy LinkedIn premium account, it’s not guaranteed you’ll find the info
  • There are lots of company staff who have not declared on LinkedIn that they are working for a specific organization right now

What is StaffDox

Business Ideas Factory?

Business Ideas Factory is a list of the best business ideas that our team generates by doing heavy research on the current markets, and monitoring different industries. You can find your next startup idea by just using StaffDox Business Ideas Factory. We add at least 3 new ideas each week, with useful information on each idea.

StaffDox goal is

to help 1000 Entrepreneurs!

We have set a goal to help 1000 entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, through our Business Ideas Factory, and our Business & Company Insights. If you’re a startup founder and need help, please let us know. We help choose wiser, pay less, earn more, and create more value for your customers.

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