Spy Newsletter is a service that keeps an eye (eagle-eye) on your competitors, or a business/startup you’re looking to invest in, and send a monthly newsletter with everything they’ve done since last month.

B2B Sales Insights

Understand their methodology to reach goals

B2B Sales Insights

Don't miss their growth metrics & KPI trends

B2B Sales InsightsB2B Sales Insights

Find out their latest strategic moves

Well structured monthly competitor analysis

How does Spy Newsletter work?

We’re your secret spies that track your competitors and tell you everything they do, and we deliver to you via email.

You can literally monitor any business, organization, or startup for any desired reason; such as investing in them when it’s time, copying their strategies, cloning them in another region/country, etc.

How much does it cost to spy on a company using Spy Newsletter monthly emails?

To monitor your competitor business or startup, you need to pay a USD $499 monthly fee, per each company.

The amount of value you get by using this service,is far beyond the numbers.

We also offer a sample email request, where you can ask us to do a sample spy job on a company of your choice.

What is included in
Spy Newsletter
monitoring process?

In each monthly newsletter email you receive, there are wide range of data and information about your competitor in the last month, such as:

  • What strategies are they practicing?
  • What ads are they using?
  • How did they do in main KPIs?
  • What did they change in their website/mobile app?
  • How did their team changed?
  • Is there any media attention around them?
  • Did they get a big customer/partner?
  • and a lot more…
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