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Business idea to hire people who are staying at home due to Covid lockdowns. You will enable these remote employees to make money online. It’s a 2-sided platform idea to start your own online business in 2021 in and after lockdown.

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Now that staying home has become the regular way of living after Covid, there’s a huge potential in employing moms, dads, students, … to work from home.

You can build a platform where you connect these stay-at-home agents to companies who need phone support agents, online chat support agents, and ticketing support agents.

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One of the main advantages to it is due to it nature of being a remote job, you have access to people all over the world and different time zones, which is so important for international companies and corporations. It gives them the power to serve all their customers around the world anytime of the day, because they can hire agents from different time zones on your platform.

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