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Business idea to help other companies and businesses solve the challenges of their clients’ support requests, sent through ticket, email, phone call, social media, or online chat. Large DTC and B2C organizations need large amount of support agents to tackle with their customer service, specially if their product/service uses modern technologies.

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One of the main challenges in most consumer related businesses is their support department, consisting of ticketing systems, online chat support, email support, phone support, etc. And most companies face serious problems managing these customer service interactions.

You can create a B2B online platform where other businesses can outsource all their customer service operations, regardless of its form and size.

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Also there’s huge opportunity in this business idea, if you could make use of Artificial Intelligence for some of support requests that can be answered by machine and bots, such as support questions on social media like Twitter or Reddit, or support tickets on the ticketing system, help-desk emails, …

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