Free Business Ideas

Business Idea no. 18

Mobile traffic has swallowed almost the whole internet traffic. Meaning nowadays there are a lot more users and visitors coming to visit websites from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets, than those who use desktops and laptops. And this is not going to change soon. ... Read More
Free Business Ideas

Business Idea no. 7

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business idea that helps digital marketers and online content business owners, to create a new piece of content, by aggregating the best articles on a subject and then changing its keywords to prevent duplicate content. Search ranking has been always hot for those who are focusing on SEO as their main channel of user acquisition. That's why this business will be huge due to its potential to create value for content websites. The business model could be subscription model, and/or pay per article/content. Note that you need access to GPT-3 AI engine created by OpenAI API. ... Read More
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