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Business Idea no. 17

This is a platform business idea targeting students that can not go to school due to Covid lockdowns and pandemic situation. Home schooling has become its thing after lockdown not only in US, but also in other countries like UK, Canada, Germany, ... So there's an opportunity to create an online business around homeschooling, that handles all challenges from the start, including finding remote and non-remote teachers, video conferencing and online communications, learning management system, online quiz, homework and tests, etc. The whole education industry is changing for good, and you can start your own business at the beginning of a revolutionary era. ... Read More
Free Business Ideas

Business Idea no. 2

Business idea regarding online events and webinars. The online world has changed a lot after Covid and certain areas have been growing where others are experiencing problems. This startup idea helps you start your online business in a matter of days, specially if you know how to code, or have a programmer in your team. The main market for this business idea will be online events, webinars, online courses' attendees, internet based classes, ... Since the nature of this business is based on human communications, you'll have the benefits of network effects. So if you succeed in delivering the core value of the idea, users will do lots of free marketing and word of mouth for your startup. ... Read More